MIH Edited Album Selection- Gargi & Anik



We are a boutique firm offering photography and cinematography services for weddings, corporates and events. 



We bring together expertise, advanced technology and tools and sensibilities to create an unparalleled visual experience for our clients - be it in a candid wedding movie, a quirky yet formal employee portrait or an important moment in a large music concert. 



The Monks love telling stories!  We've been fortunate to have executed assignments across the social and economic  spectrum which in a wedding  enables us to have a deep rooted understanding of rituals and in a corporate assignment speak the language that amplifies the brand and its message.


Our teams are spread across offices in Pune, NCR and Hyderabad and travel anywhere to ensure we have the strongest performing combination for an assignment. Some of the cities that we have executed assignments are Dubai, Mumbai, Mangalore, Bekal, Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, Tirupati to name a few.


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